Wiltop Fidget Finger Hand Spinner Metal EDC Fokus Stress Relief Durable Aluminium 3-6 Min Stainless Steel Bearing (Captain Blue)


Wiltop Fidget Finger Hand Spinner Metal EDC Fokus Stress Relief Durable Aluminium 3-6 Min Stainless Steel Bearing (Captain Blue)

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  • Fidget Hand Finger Spinner – Fun focus enhancement for fidget, focusing, anxiety, staying awake, clearing your mind, quitting bad habits and entertainment. Boost focus, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, increase concentration with spinning fun
  • 1-2 Min High Speed Durable – This fidget spinner toy is specially designed for high speed and quiet play, no big noise, smooth spinning and comfortable feel. Premium quality aluminium with stainless steel bearings, high precise balance
  • Easy To Carry – Small, simple, discrete and fun. Perfect size for fun on the go without distractions. It is easy to carry, and easy to use, easy to clean. Just strike one end and enjoy spinning fun in the setting you want
  • Multi-way to use – Play with one or two hands even on office tables and hard counters. Stack up 5-6 or even more finger spinners together, spin them all in one time
  • Cool item for trendsetters – A super cool new tide fashion high street toy, a great gift for birthday, holiday and party. It’s popular in adults and children.

Find yourself fidget? Feel boring at office? Want to stop smoking? Well this is the item for you. Take a break and have fun.
A new toy for stress anxiety relief, fidget, edc.

How to play:
★ Hand Spinning: Hold the spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly. Keep it spinning indefinitely with small continuous strikes. You can play it with one hand only after practice.
★ Table Spinning: Play it on tables and hard counters. The spinner is spinning fast and shaking, so there may be a little noise between table and spinner. It is NOT the noise of bearing.
★ Spinning Tower: Stack up 2 spinners, spin them at one time. Then try 3 pcs or maybe 5. Try to find out how many spinners you can stack up.

The more you practice, the more you run, the longer you can spin, the more way you can play.

Do not drop the spinner a lot, it will directly influence the spin time.
Do not wash it with water, when the bearing touch the water, it may influence the speed because of the resistance.
If the spinner got stuck, please check the cap to see if it is loosing, and if there is dust inside the bearing.
Package Included:
1*Fidget Spinner

Diameter: 7.0CM (2.75inch)
Thickness: 1.4CM (0.50inch)

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Aktueller Preis:EUR 12,99.-

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